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Life & Style: It’s Time For A Luxury Getaway #TrendReport

Life & Style: It’s Time for a Luxury Getaway #TrendReport

While January may be the start of new resolutions, new goals and a new you, February was probably the realisation that you’ve gone back to your old ways.

It’s the month you started to notice the holiday weight you put on, a month of uncertainty, as it’s not winter, but it’s not spring, so what is it? Some days feel like Antarctica has hit, and other days are pleasantly chilled. February was a time where you started to crave another holiday as December just seemed too long ago.

So, it’s time to say no to zero motivation, goodbye to anxiety and ciao to self-doubt. Uplift that detestable lull in your mood and reinvigorate yourself from the inside, out – with positivity, grace and, of course, luxury. It’s time to plan that luxury getaway you’ve definitely earned.

Here are 3 luxury travel trends to keep you inspired rejuvenated and happy:

1. Pamper yourself
Luxury travel means having something to look forward to; sometimes the anticipation of something outweighs the actual experience. Taking a trip to a wellness detox retreat is the perfect way to start your year feeling fit, healthy and fabulous. From the hills of Sicily, to the mountains of the Wilder Kaiser and the jungles of Phuket; there is a retreat suited to ease every qualm. Warning: most retreats have a strict no-­‐wifi or technology rule, so make sure your OOO is on!

2. Stimulate your senses
“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -­‐ George Bernard Shaw
The pleasure of fine-­‐dining is unequivocally one of the best ways to de-­‐stress. Food itself is known for its emotionally healing, magical ability to comfort after a long day at work; when that merger isn’t going through smoothly or your emails are taking over your life. Think Ben, think Jerry. Getting away to experience food on another level could be everything your taste buds are looking for. Neuro-gastronomy, or the perception of how we taste, perceive and understand flavour is a big 2018 trend which aims to satisfy all five senses. Conceived by Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet in Shanghai boasts being the first restaurant of its kind uniting food with multi-­‐sensory technology to create an immersive dining experience. Pretty tasty stuff.

3. Travel 3.0
Discovering yourself is an eternal struggle which seems to peak at this time. Seeking out authentic experiences with strangers in strange lands is what the adventurer of today craves. Immersive, human-­‐to-­‐human interactions which fulfil our desire to submerge ourselves in something exotic, foreign and unknown is what drives the luxury 3.0 travel trend.