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Business Disruption

Business Disruption

London’s New Club Class

Private member’s clubs have been around for centuries, originally associated and established by the English Aristocracy in London’s west end. Long standing clubs like Whites, founded in 1693 and Boodies, founded in 1762, were home to London’s most affluent men. In recent times, the idea of a ‘Private member’s club’ has been revived, replacing the glasses of port and smoking rooms with high-tech creative spaces for the era of the young entrepreneur.

We’re living in a time where society needed to keep up with the needs of young professionals, where being in an office all day was not conducive to the ever-changing nature of work, especially in the creative industry. This new wave of London members clubs caters to the urban work scene, where work meets play and play meets work.

These clubs wanted to give their members the sense of belonging to an institution and a base that wasn’t an office environment. Nowadays, you are eligible for a membership that no longer excludes people based on sex or gender.

The importance of networking for business

Networking has always been an important part of business, but it is even more integral today. The uncertain economic climate means trust in business is essential and this can only be achieved when relationships are built and nurtured over time. A private member’s club is the perfect place for this and they will continue to thrive with the need for it.

There are several member’s clubs in London that have mastered the social side – creating a hub for people to spend time socialising, bumping into fellow members and impressing guests by the opulent décor. However, what was missing was a club for someone who wanted something more serious, that was still on par with the social clubs in terms of quality, décor & exclusivity. And this is where we came in.

Down to serious business

While the IOD’s and Regus’s of the world had been catering to business minds for some time, we realised there was a need for a club which was primarily business focussed but also had the luxuries of London’s social clubs.

12 Hay Hill members have access to multiple floors of space to work and network in, including the ground floor restaurant and basement bar. Within the club, we also offer private office suites that have luxury in-house room service.

Bringing business leaders together under one roof, allows us through events to keep 12 Hay Hill members connected and continuously updated in relevant industry debates and topics.

We were born to provide the best of both worlds with a core focus on business. Over the years, we have successfully built our name through our unique positioning in the market of Private Member’s clubs.