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Want To Boost Business? Improve Your Online Presence.

Want to Boost Business? Improve Your Online Presence.

The internet has completely transformed the shopping experience. It has changed our expectation and demands as consumers, which in turn has meant businesses and sellers have had to adapt.

One thing that we all expect of companies these days is an online presence – if you’re looking to shop with a business for the first time then you take it as standard that you can search for them and be presented with plenty of information about them to base your decision on.

This is true even of businesses that don’t sell online, such as local shops that sell their products or services from a store only. But what kinds of things will your customer want to find when they type your name into a search engine? Here are some examples.

A website

Your website will more than likely be your customer’s first experience with your business. Sure, they might find you through social media first, or spot your store in person and search your website to find out more. But in a lot of cases, they’ll come across your website when searching for the kinds of products or services you sell.

For this reason, your site needs to make a good impression. Have it professionally designed, and utilise remote IT support to keep everything running smoothly. Use high-quality images, and consider adding an introductory video onto your homepage. This can boost sales and makes you look more trustworthy. It’s also a way to explain more about what you do without customers having to read lots of text.

An app created

A smartphone app will get your business onto the phones of your customers. We now live in a world where more sales are made on smartphones and tablets than laptops and computers so why wouldn’t you take advantage of this? Lots of small and medium-sized businesses are yet to take the plunge and have an app designed, but demand is increasing. So as well as ensuring that your site is optimised for all devices, have a specific app made as well. All of your details are then available to your customer with just a click.

A blog

Blogging has massively grown popularity over the last few years, and the benefits of blogging for business are well established. It’s a way to connect with your customers and build a following, it can improve your website’s domain authority and can help to drive more sales. Platforms like WordPress are easy to integrate into your existing website, your web designer will be able to do this for you.


Reviews can help a customer who is on the fence to make a decision on a sale. Good reviews will massively boost your chances of more custom, and if you’re doing a good job in your business then naturally the good reviews will begin to build up over time. Encourage your customers to review your business on sites like Reevoo and Trustpilot, you can’t offer any incentive for a positive review but you can ask nicely.