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The Link Between Mental Wellbeing & Productivity.

The Link Between Mental Wellbeing & Productivity.

This is a guest post by club member Sam Dyer, the Mindset Coach.

What if you could unlock discretionary effort from your entire workforce? What if you could unlock it from yourself? As Mahatma Gandhi said: “the difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems” This isn’t new information and I’m not alone here. Where many of us fall down is by not actually understanding what to do about it.

The link between mental wellbeing and productivity is well documented. HSE reports the Labour Force Survey figures for 2017/8 as:

• Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health: 15.4 million.

• On average, each person suffering from stress, depression or anxiety took around 25.8 days off work.

Why should you do this?

The cost to the UK economy for lost days is substantial. Investing in employee wellbeing has a huge range of benefits, both quantitative and qualitative.

Benefits to the company

• Unlock discretionary effort from employees

• Demonstrate investment to employees

• Improve mental health and resilience

• Increase productivity

• Reduce sickness and stress

• Increase employee retention

• Create a can-do attitude and environment

Benefits to delegates

• Feel valued by the company

• Personal and business achievement

• Improve mental health and resilience

• Increase productivity Reduce sickness and stress

• Increased commitment to your company

• Create a can-do attitude

My story

In May 2019, I destroyed a limiting belief that had been holding me back for over 20 years. Can you imagine how good that felt? I am now running full speed ahead, motivated beyond any level I have been before and am truly empowered to realise my full potential. When I posted about this subject on LinkedIn, someone commented along the lines of “you’ve hardly been held back – you’re in Harley Street”. I took it as a compliment. I can understand how it may appear that I’ve not been held back and yet it is all relative. I can tell you that my limiting belief was stopping me really putting myself ‘out there’ in the public eye. Now I am on my way to a life more powerful; I am going from good to awesome!

Could it be your story?

I have no doubt that your company is full of good people doing a good job. There are probably days where some, even many, do a great job. How many of them might be just like I was? What if you could take them from good to awesome? What results would you get then?

Here’s the ‘how’

I am an empowerment coach and certified firewalk instructor. This means that I am certified to run various activities including board chopping, arrow snapping, rebar bending, walking on broken glass and, of course, firewalking. Each of these activities has a narrative, a reason, a purpose.

If it is within a company environment, this can be tailored to what is relevant for your business. For example, if you are experiencing difficulties with different departments communicating, we can get people to pair up with someone from a different department and bend reinforced bar between them, which creates a bond. Maybe it is all about smashing targets; in which case, let us do some board chopping and visualise breaking through the barrier to exceed those targets.

Whatever it may be, the sense of empowerment experienced is huge. It is life-changing and lasts a lifetime. It is not just for sports teams and large corporates – this is highly accessible to all.

What next?

For further information please visit my website or Fire Walk Time. If you prefer, feel free to call 0333 772 0945 or 020 3633 6055. Check out my video on limiting beliefs and this one of my walking the fire.

Contact me to get your FREE copy of my new eBook where I give you my take on what coaching is about.

Please note: The image and video used of me firewalking is with express permission to me from Success Formulae Ltd who also own the copyright.