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In this digital age, we’re all fighting to have some sort of influence in this ever-evolving business world we’re living in. Building a stronger online clout increases the chances of making an impact and creating change.

Whether we want to find out something new or research an existing topic, our immediate reaction is to surf the internet. It’s the place where global business leaders should be paying the most attention, as it’s the only source of information for most people.

With a world heaving with new businesses, a traditional corporate model just isn’t enough anymore. Business Leaders need to look beyond just the framework of their business and invest some time in building up their digital footprint to help further promote their company and personal brand.

There are many ways to build a stronger online clout and here are some of the key channels:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Press Articles
  • Blogging
  • Panel Discussions


Targeting the right social media channels for your business is integral when looking at where to increase your clout. For example, Instagram is a good channel for lifestyle brands, as it is image driven for a younger generation, whereas LinkedIn is a good platform for corporate organisations. An engaging website with new content coming up regularly like blogs, running alongside SEO, can be good for appearing at the top of online searches. Ensuring your company is being featured in relevant news articles will also add to your company’s clout.

One of the biggest assets for a business is a spokesperson who is relevant, knowledgeable and passionate. It is just as important to build the spokespersons’ online profile as it is to build the companys, whether that’s a founder, MD or director. Many activities can be undertaken around the spokesperson when positioned as a thought-leader in their respective industries. For example, becoming a guest editor or contributor to appropriate publications, building twitter and Instagram profiles with engaging content. Let’s not forget that not just online activities contribute to your digital clout, but also offline activities. For example, panel discussions, will encourage the audience to talk about you digitally through their own social channels, tagging you and in turn adding to your clout power. Understanding and connecting with the brains behind the business is what every consumer wants in order to create trust. The competition is high, and transparency is key.

Content Marketing has changed the way we interact with companies, how we look for new business and how we let existing partnerships know what we get up to. With an impactful voice and vision you can build up a profile for your business that engages with a diverse community.