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PELORUS: The New Chapter In Travel & Adventure.

PELORUS: The New Chapter in Travel & Adventure.

Time is the most precious commodity we have. And nowhere is this more evident than within the travel industry. People simply want more from their holidays; getting away from the office is all about experiences, building extraordinary family memories and unearthing new cultures. And this is where PELORUS come in, an experiential travel and yacht expedition specialist offering genuine next-level experiences to the most awe-inspiring places on Earth.

The idea came about in the foothills of the Hindu Kush in Asia, with founding partners and ex-British Army Officers Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll, leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which PELORUS is built.

PELORUS specialises in three categories – Private Adventures, Yacht Expeditions and Special Projects – and set out to challenge the traditional travel and yacht sectors by putting the focus on the experience. Rather than work to a set list of concepts, every experience is tailored to meet the expectations of their clients – as a result, no two PELORUS trips are ever the same.

Gaining access to remote regions, however, is no easy feat; opening up unique and exclusive experiences, many of which have never been done before, harder still. “Special access to certain parts of the planet is a key differentiator between ourselves and other operators in the industry,” says Mr Mackay-Lewis. “There are so many corners of the world that people do not know exist or if they do, how to access them. Our aim is to give them the access and opportunity to experience these extraordinary places.”

PELORUS achieve this through a deep-rooted network of global contacts, who have an unrivalled knowledge of the most extraordinary regions and cultures on Earth. These include TV production units, private landowners, charities, scientists, archeologists, marine biologists and conservationists. Coupled with the expertise of their in-house team, they pour an unprecedented level of creativity and attention to detail into every itinerary.

“We have been very lucky to work with some incredible people worldwide,” says Mr Carroll, “and our experience of working alongside indigenous people has certainly given us a cultural advantage. Coming into the travel and yacht sectors we realised that most operators use the same contacts in each country, therefore offering the same as everyone else. Our global network is very different and ranges from government agencies and jungle experts to Arctic guides. This enables us to unearth some extraordinary locations that are simply not offered by the rest of the industry and is what sets us and our clients’ experiences apart. In addition, these are the amazing people who bring everything to life and make it memorable, exciting and fun.”

“We believe in showing people the best of the planet in style and luxury,” continues Mackay-Lewis. “The majority of our experiences are soft adventure with very high levels of comfort and mostly cater for slightly more adventurous families, groups of friends and honeymoon couples.”

Client safety is of utmost importance when operating in faraway regions. “Our backgrounds have trained us to identify and mitigate risk,” says Mr Mackay-Lewis, “ensuring clients’ safety and security at all times. We carry out thorough risk assessments for all our experiences and thorough due diligence on the people, assets and equipment that we employ to make them happen. All our guides, hosts, captains and pilots have up to date qualifications and medical training. Risk management is at the heart of everything we do.”

The planning process is incredibly personal. It starts with PELORUS travelling to meet with clients at their homes or offices to learn as much as they can about the client and to decipher exactly what it is that they want to get out of their trip. They then draw on their knowledge and resources to create a number of concepts to show to the client. Once settled, they plan every element of the trip with an acute attention to detail, ensuring a journey of a lifetime.

PELORUS recognise that finding real wilderness or being truly shocked by something new is rare, and therefore seek to bring this feeling to their clients. Nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing you are in an incredibly special place, whether it’s seeing a polar bear up close, trekking across an ice glacier, relaxing on the sundeck of a superyacht in the Indian Ocean or sleeping under the stars in Botswana.

“Everything we do at PELORUS is about creating experiences,” concludes Mr Carroll. “Being able to provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our clients that will be talked about and remembered for the rest of their lives is why we do what we do.”

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